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Många bra foton tror jag handlar om att tillåta sig att bli uppslukad. Om att verkligen bli uppslukad. Utan att vara rädd, försvinna in i det framför dig, in i detaljer . Det handlar om att sluta tänka. Tänk inte på ljus, vinklar eller kamerainställningar.  Det blev över 50 foton på en brännmanet i vattenbrynet. Jag vet inte hur lång tid som passerade innan någon kallade tillbaks mig. I efterhand vet jag… Läs mer

The sea looked like liquid quicksilver. Soft, gleaming, fluid, everywhere. Everything was still, as if it was waiting for us. That’s a perfect day for kayaking. And even better, my favourite animal – the seal, showed up and was curious. At most we had around 10 seals around the boats. I could hear them breathe. I love them. And I love the sea. A new daily and happy feature the last month have… Läs mer

Trying to improve my video skills. Played around and filmed a few clips with the Olympus TG-2 new compact camera, and here’s the result. There wasn’t much talking in the clips, so I added the text from my previous blog about mt. Elbrusas a voice over. Hope you like it!

Being a photographer can be the same as being an explorer. You go out in the search for something no one else have ever seen. You will see things through the lens you would not have seen without it. Suddenly there’s beauty everywhere. The most mundane object can be wonderful and eye-catching with the right settings or filters. Or maybe with the right attitude.. This year I promised myself to take more… Läs mer