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By climbing Antarctica I realised how big this project was. What a way to finish. Antarctica is on the bottom of the world, almost opposite from Sweden and just really really far away. And outherworldy beautiful and grand. It was like being on another planet in all white silence. It was also a great reminder from the mountains that we are there on their grace, never to conquer or win over the… Läs mer

Trying to improve my video skills. Played around and filmed a few clips with the Olympus TG-2 new compact camera, and here’s the result. There wasn’t much talking in the clips, so I added the text from my previous blog about mt. Elbrusas a voice over. Hope you like it!

The first surprise came in the morning. As I opened the curtains of the window I looked into a magical forest. Pinetrees surrounded by a flowery meadow. My first impression apart from the car-ride at night is that Russia is beautiful. Not like my preconceptions and what other people had told me. I really enjoy jumping into commercial expeditions. It’s a very fun way to meet interesting people who don’t know each… Läs mer

Så var det dags igen. Kyla. Snö och is. Vind. Tunga steg uppför. Tältnätter. Ryggsäck. Tunn luft. Äntligen!! Idag är jag på väg mot mt. Elbrus i Ryssland. Det är den europeiska kontinentens högsta berg. Men ”bara” 5642m är aldrig ”bara”. Det är ingen brant klättring, men desto mer snö, is, glaciärsprickor och dåligt väder. Det låter kanske jobbigt, men jag ser verkligen fram emot detta! Det är också en del av… Läs mer