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Have you heard the sound of snow falling on the ocean? Have you watched perfect snowflakes melting to water? Do you know the smell of the sea mixing with winter? All photos are taken with the Olympys tough TG-3. Annonser

By climbing Antarctica I realised how big this project was. What a way to finish. Antarctica is on the bottom of the world, almost opposite from Sweden and just really really far away. And outherworldy beautiful and grand. It was like being on another planet in all white silence. It was also a great reminder from the mountains that we are there on their grace, never to conquer or win over the… Läs mer

Patagonia. There was magic in the air. I inhaled it and it will stay with me forever. And I will have to go back. The place made such a big impression I’m still overwhelmed. So I might have to go back just to check it again – and take more photos. And climb more mountains. I have been climbing since I was 14 years old, and suddenly I felt like a child… Läs mer

He looks at me like I’m an object. And it’s ok. I know why. It’s a certain look all my photographer friends get in their eyes sometimes. I know he’s not really looking at me, but how the light touches my face or how the background blends with the colour of my Bergans jacket. I know he already has 400 photos in his head before they are in the camera. Actually, he… Läs mer