I have been living with the classical goal-setting mind. I love dreamy high goals. They motivate me and give me energy to go beyond my limits. I have always believed that if you don’t know where you are going – how will you get anywhere at all? Like the Alice in Wonderland moment: One day Alice came to a fork in the road and saw a Cheshire cat in a tree. ”Which road… Läs mer

Foto: Ola Dyrhill, från föreläsning på Nordic Wellness Ursäkta att jag är sen att lägga ut sådant här. Ska bättra mig! Här är iallafall några av närmsta 10 dagarnas öppna föreläsningar: 15/3 Idag (!) Avesta bibliotek: http://bibliotek.avesta.se/web/arena/evenemang 20/3: westcoast outdoor, göteborg: http://westcoastoutdoor.se/2016/03/07/388/ 21/3: vuxenskolan göteborg: Annelie Pompe, välkänd äventyrare, bergsklättrare och fridykare, tar oss med på sina fantastiska äventyr runt om i världen, fyllda av utmaningar, passion, mod – och rädsla. Tid: 18.30 •… Läs mer

Have you heard the sound of snow falling on the ocean? Have you watched perfect snowflakes melting to water? Do you know the smell of the sea mixing with winter? All photos are taken with the Olympys tough TG-3.

Sayulita is a easy going town on the Mexican west coast just north of Puerto Vallarta. People drive around in golf cars with surfboards on the roofs. Or they walk barefoot and drink beer or green smoothies or both. Mexican cowboys mix with american tourists, surfers and bohemic yogis. Plastic are more or less banned and the food is mostly organic. It’s a small paradise. How can it not when there is… Läs mer

By climbing Antarctica I realised how big this project was. What a way to finish. Antarctica is on the bottom of the world, almost opposite from Sweden and just really really far away. And outherworldy beautiful and grand. It was like being on another planet in all white silence. It was also a great reminder from the mountains that we are there on their grace, never to conquer or win over the… Läs mer

Det finns platser kvar på min resa i Juni med expeditionsresor och tidningen IFORM! Behöver du kanske ett äventyr, eller något meningsfullt att träna för? Kilimanjaro är ett av mina favoritberg. Man vandrar från djungel till glaciärkantad bergstopp på bara 6 dagar! Det är världens högsta fristående berg, och från toppen kan man se ut över Afrikas stäpper. Ska man bara bestiga ett berg i sitt liv är det Kilimanjaro. Det är… Läs mer

Patagonia. There was magic in the air. I inhaled it and it will stay with me forever. And I will have to go back. The place made such a big impression I’m still overwhelmed. So I might have to go back just to check it again – and take more photos. And climb more mountains. I have been climbing since I was 14 years old, and suddenly I felt like a child… Läs mer

How much you enjoy reaching the summit of a mountain is in direct proportion to how much you had to fight to reach it, as well as how much time and dreams you invested. As have my 7 summits quest grown during the years. One of my team mates said he wanted to be on my rope team just to see a 7-summiteer finish. And that´s the first time I fully realised;… Läs mer

Have you had the experience of your body being ‘happy’? From doing something you really like? I had it yesterday, climbing up the steep snowslope to high camp. Suddenly the feeling of weakness and illness left. As if the body said ‘I got this’. The experiences of climbing steep snowslopes took over. I didnt know until then if this mountain would be possible. Now I think it is. My cough is still… Läs mer

there is a strength in numbers in a climbing team, if not too many. Ot might sound strange but most important for each climber is to be ‘selfish’. You have to take care of yourself or you will be a liability to the team. If you are warm, well replenished and safe you will be helping the team to be stronger. But you can’t be strong all the time, and that’s when… Läs mer

Yesterday I woke up to the sound of snow fallling on the tent fly, one of my favourite sounds. Then the feeling of something being wrong. It was probably wrong the day before too, or I’m too optimistic. While inhanling I coughed a deep painful knife-sensation in my chest. My body felt tender and a little feverish. Not good. Last weeks cold was back and lot worse. The old me might have… Läs mer

there was almost too many impressions in one day. First the luck of flying out in a weather window, inside a russian freight airplane. Then landing on blue ice. Anarctica. Stepping out of the plane in the big altitude boots, thickest down jacket and goggles was like stepping onto a new planet, not knowing how the ground would feel under the feet. Icy col and very slippery we all shuffled around with… Läs mer

As often on expeditions, life is defined by weather. We leave control behind and give in to what nature presents to us. It gives us wind. It was a bumpy landing in Punta Arenas, one of the most southern cities in the world. The wind was howling around the airport and our organizer said we need a weather window of at least 13 hours to be able to land on the ice… Läs mer

Come on a good adventure! In april 2016 you can join me on a beautiful trek/climb at high altitude in remote Rolwaling village in Nepal. You will experience the beautiful scenery of the majestic Himalayas including the mountains Gaurishankar, Tashi Laptsa and Dorje Lakpa. The trekking route wanders through alpine forests with blooming rhododendron flowers and beautiful native villages. We will trek and climb a small mountain, Yalung Ri 5500m, in this… Läs mer

Varför låta det som varit definera resten av livet? 2016 kommer bli ett fantastiskt år, om du vill. Jag tror att man till stor del kan välja hur man vill leva, hur ett år ska bli, och skapa något att se fram emot. Jag tror det är nyttigt att utmana sig själv, att söka nära-livet-upplevelser och att inte vänta! Behöver du sällskap av likasinnade, en liten knuff eller en s.k ‘galen’ idé… Läs mer

There are memories that last forever, and there is mud that will never wash away. The Bergans pants on the photo above will never be clean again. Carstensz was a challange equipmentwise. We had to keep out gear at a weight minimum to be able to travel fast and easy through the jungle and tricky terrain. It was extremely wet and humid and some gear was never dry for over 2 weeks…. Läs mer

Sometimes, everything comes together in perfect timing. I don’t know why if it wasn’t meant to be. I think I had the best trip of my life. That’s not to say a little. It’s hard to explain. One thing that made it so special might have been the lack of expectations. I tried to read up on the expedition, but there was not a lot to be found. Just that it was… Läs mer

Text in english below the photos Titeln är en av förhållningsreglerna på nästa expedition. Jag ska till Papua och bestiga mt. Carstensz pyramid, 4884m. Det är det högsta berget på den oceaniska kontinenten. Det är min 6’e av de 7 summits. Jag var på väg redan förra året, men mitt knä var inte helt återhämtat från en titthålsoperation. Det är 110km till berget enkel väg, så det är viktigt att ha bra… Läs mer