Come on a good adventure! In april 2016 you can join me on a beautiful trek/climb at high altitude in remote Rolwaling village in Nepal.
You will experience the beautiful scenery of the majestic Himalayas including the mountains Gaurishankar, Tashi Laptsa and Dorje Lakpa. The trekking route wanders through alpine forests with blooming rhododendron flowers and beautiful native villages. We will trek and climb a small mountain, Yalung Ri 5500m, in this valley. You will also meet Chhiring Dorje Sherpa, a 12-time Everest summiteer and fantastic person who tries to help his valley survive the earthquake. We will also experience Kathmandu and help the tourist industry back to it’s feet.

15% of the price will go directly to rebuilding the Rolwaling village after the earthquake. You are also encouraged to bring supplies needed in the village and help the valley survive.

I will support you with training schedule, answering questions, equipment advice and good deals on equipment. As for experience, you do need to have some previous outdoor experience of hiking, camping and enjoying the outdoors, as well as being in good shape. No climbing experience needed.

Below is the itinerary and price.
Screenshot 2015-11-29 16.20.06
Service included in the Price:
Local superguide Chhiring Dorje Sherpa
Co-guide Annelie Pompe
Gaurishankar Conservation Entry Permit, TIMS
Food during the trek
Tents( one tent per member), kitchen tent, dining tent and kitchen equipment
Guide, sherpa, cook, kitchen helpers and porters throughout the trek
Insurance for staff
Vehicle for drop and pick up at the trekking point
4 nights hotel accommodation in 5star hotel  in Kathmandu on BB basis
Airport Pick up and Drop
Emergency medical oxygen, mask and regulator
Management fee

Sevice Not Included in the Price:
International Flights
Personal trekking gears
Lunch and dinner in Kathmandu
Emergency evacuation by helicopter

Price: $2,900/person
Adm registration guide fee: $290/person
(non refundable)
(Note: The above price includes 15% charity amount and value added tax of 13%)

Email me at annelie (a) for registration/questions.

Thanks to Robin Trygg for the photos below of Rolwaling!
Namnlöst-2 kopia Namnlöst-1 kopia Namnlöst-3 kopia


As I’m enjoying the december of 2017, I’m already looking forward to next year! When you want to make something happen, the trick is to put it in the calendar :-D We have already made some fun plans (will tell you more later), and some of those are open expeditions/courses you can join. For the first part of 2018 there we have these fun trips open for bookings:

Learn to freedive with dolphins in Mozambiqe! Feb 21-28

With I am Water Ocean Travel. All levels. Part of the fee goes to saving the ocean :)
Read more here!

Learn to freedive with Whale sharks and on coral reefs in the Maldives!  March 20-30
Organized by Scubatravel, Scandinavias dive travel expert. Open for all levels.
Read more here!

Weekend silent retreat at LOKA 20-22 April
Me and Cecilia Duberg are hosting one of our popular silent retreats ‘modig och mindful’
Read more and book here

Yoga Games 27-29 April
I’m teaching breathwork and co-hosting a talk/workshop on silence with Cecilia Duberg. It’s now open for bookings. You get 30 Euros/300 Sek discount with code ‘Annelie’ for the whole weekend.
Book here!

Askersund outdoor 25-26 May
I’ll be giving a open talk, an outdoor yoga class and hanging out with 24hourMeals

Summer 2018
Freediving intro courses in Sweden. Dates will be updated spring 2018. But if you want to give a course as a christmas gift you can contact me for a gift card.

Summer 2018
Exploring Lofoten with Bergans Turglede. A week of hiking, kayakaing, yoga, surf, snorkelling and climbing. A goodiebag of fun adventures to try out for anyone with basic fitness. More info soon.

In the fall I will be guiding a expedition with hiking in Nepal, which there will also be more info on sooon.

‘Come home immediately’, one e-mail said. Maybe jokingly, but friendly. I have seen the volcano far away. I have seen the dramatic newspaper headlines, and they don’t match. Yes, people are stranded because the airport is closed. But is it chaos? No. The disaster headlines in the online news are made to gather ‘clicks’. It makes it very hard for us to know what to believe, and what to spend our precious time reading.

On that note our students from the silent retreat haven’t made it home yet. I’m sad for them and our travel agency who is working hard to get them home. But they are maybe the most mentally prepared tourists. They are stuck as the airport is closed with over 70 000 more people. Others are stuck in their countries having their vacation ‘ruined’ by the volcano. It’s a reminder of the power of nature. It is what it is and there’s nothing we can do to change it. The western world and culture likes control, and it’s called ‘chaos’ when its disrupted. When you can’t go home to your job that is waiting for you, shouldn’t there be a better understanding? Bali is maybe one of the best places in the world to be ‘stuck’. It’s a thousand times worse for the local population nearby the volcano who might loose their homes and livelihood in the lahars, floods of debris. It’s worse for nature that will be covered in ashes and take a long time to recover. With that comparison t’s not that hard for tourists being ‘stranded’ on Bali.

I’m not leaving until later in december, but my boyfriend is flying in from a nearby island this week for our last days on the island. I’m really hoping he makes it over to Bali and I know he’ll find a way around the closed airport if he have to.

It seems so simple. Take a breath of air and dive as deep as you want into the ocean. But you have to make it back up to the surface, and you have to stay calm. You will be alone. You will meet your doubts, strengths and all of your mind in one single dive. So freediving isn’t that simple. Neither is teaching freediving. You’ll have as many different courses as there are students. Each student is different. Each student will have a different adventure during a course. It’s a pure joy to follow that adventure and see people grow.

That’s what we did the last week. We could see change in peoples eyes. Little by little the students started to trust their bodies amazing reaction to being underwater. It’s usually the mind that messes up a dive. As soon as you start thinking too much, the dive is ruined. Freediving is about being more in the body and less in the busy mind. It’s more about letting go than trying to achieve more. It’s about having less stress and pressure and just enjoy the water.

And we did enjoy the water! Soft, blue 30 degree water in the ocean welcomed us every day. After 4 days of training we celebrated the new feeling of comfort in the water by freediving with manta rays. Compared to scuba divers below we had complete freedom to move around the beautiful animals. They were flying around us like underwater birds. Then we finished off by freediving one of the most beautiful coral reefs in Bali.

The next weeks will be more about meeting oneself to find inner strength. Me and Cecilia Duberg is teaching a 5 day silent retreat in Medewi, Bali, and then I’m teaming up with Hanli Prinsloo and I Am Water to teach more freediving and save the ocean a little bit more. :)

As we’re now in a more rural area there’s very weak wifi, I can’t connect my phone to the laptop and photos from the last course with Scubatravel will have to wait.

They will grab hold of every part of you, into the smallest cell and memory. They change your life and they don’t let go as you try to leave them behind. There is something very special about the Himalayan mountains. It’s an experience that lasts a lifetime. Before the trip I thought of it as ‘just a job’. Sure I love my guide job, Nepal and the mountains and my friends there, but I thought that Everest had finally let go of me. I was wrong. It might sound strange, but I could feel it’s presence and soon as we landed.

It’s not all about the mountains. I think it’s my 9’th time in Nepal, and I should be used to it by now. But the magic of the country and the people isn’t something you get used to. The compassion and honest thoughtfulness is overwhelming. The rest of the group felt the same. It’s great to travel with first-time-Nepal-visitors and see the country through their eyes and impressions. The main reason I want to come back to Nepal over and over again is because of my Sherpa friends as well as the environment. I climbed Everest with Chhiring Dorje Sherpa, and he is one of the most amazing people I have ever met. He is my role model and good friend. I want to climb mountains just to climb with him. I want to climb mountains to be in the base camp and hear the wind in the fabric of the tent, to be in my sleeping bag reading a book, and to go exploring with my camera while the body is adapting to altitude. I want to climb mountains because I like to be on the move, hiking every day for hours. I love the simplicity of walking in nature. My wish to climb mountains doesn’t have much to do with conquering or standing on a summit.

Last year I lost a climbing friend on mount Everest. I found myself looking for his memorial stone amongst the other lost souls. When he walked this trail to the mountain last year he didn’t know he wouldn’t walk back down. Eventually I found a big flat stone, carried it in my backpack for a few days and then wrote a memory for him. Chhiring performed a small ceremony and I think it helped.

I was lucky to have a very strong and positive group to work with. Up to Everest base camp they are probably the strongest group I have had on that altitude. They listened well, was breathing good and followed advice, but it doesn’t help against infections and bacteria in the stomach. Some had to give up. 7 of us ended up on top of the mountain Island peak 6160m. I was there trying it out 12 years ago and it was like climbing a totally different mountain. It had changed by a glacier and icefall into a totally different and fun experience. Walking a ladder across a crevasse is always refreshing!

Before the climb we hiked to Everest base camp and up Kala pathar. It’s said to be one of the most beautiful hikes in the world. I agree because of the view and sceneries, but I think there is too many people on the trail. I will not guide this trip again. I prefer the more remote treks and mountains away from the crowds, wifi and noise. Next year I’ll guide for my partner Bergans Turglede and look forward to doing diffferent kinds of hiking and climbing trips in Nepal.

When you hike you have time to think. You might even think better than usual. The mountains might remind you about important things. I realised I have been goal-less for some time. Since I tried to learn to fly paragliding and hurt my shoulder the focus has been on rehab and getting my house boat in order. Now I want to get back on development track, more performance than just training. I have been waiting for a insight. Suddenly I saw it clearly in the sky. Helicopter. I want to be a helicopter pilot. I have always wanted to. When I sat in one of the mountain heli’s I realised it’s time. I look forward to a new adventure; flying.

Below is a few photos from the last weeks in Nepal: Camera Olympus OMD Mark II

It’s been the usual’ before a expedition: Preparation. Times my great 10 participants. Times 10 more experiences! We’ve had a busy day in Kathmandu and now we’re leaving to do one of the world’s most spectacular flights; Kathmandu to Lukla at 2800m to start one of the most beautiful hikes in the world. We are all looking forward to change the smog and stuffy air towards the thin fresh air higher up. After the ‘warm up hike’ to Everest base camp we are going to climb a ‘real’ mountain; The trekking peak Island peak, 1689m, a beautiful little mountain situated like a island in a glacier.

We’re going to have bits and pieces of internet so I’ll update family, friends an followers on the way. (I like to be able to share photos and experiences on the way, but I also liked it the first time I was here over 10 years ago – there was no wifi up there, but another kind of connection ;-)

Tag along on my instagram or on expeditionsresors facebook for updates.

Vi ska göra ett världsrekordförsök för att rädda Göteborgs hav! All vinst går till att börja rädda vallgraven. Målet är att vattnet ska vara så rent att vi kan simma i vallgraven. Men vi behöver hjälp.

Vi hoppas sätta värdsrekord i antal deltagare i ett yoga & andningspass i Serneke arena i Göteborg. Jag och Maria Cerboni kommer att guida dig igenom enkel och skön yoga och andningsövningar. Alla kan deltaga! Ta med dig dina vänner, släktingar och bekanta!

Torsdag 5 Oktober kl 17.30-18.30 (insläpp från 16.30)
Yogan kommer hållas i Serneke Arena
(Krutvägen 2-4, 415 28 Göteborg)
Du tar dig enkelt hit med lokaltrafik: Hållplatsen för avstigning heter Kviberg.

Här finns mer info:

– Ta med dig yoga/träningsmatta eller handduk.
– Kom som du är! Det går att yoga i alla slags kläder och det är inget svettigt pass.
– Lämna väskor hemma. Väskor/påsar/bagage/stora jackor samt mat etc är inte tillåtet i lokalen och om du har med dig detta kommer du ej komma in på arenan.
– Dörren till inträde stängs kl:17.30 så kom i tid!

För att deltaga krävs att du skänker minst 40kr och kan visa upp ett aktivt swisch-kvitto samt din, legitimation vid inträde. All vinst går oavkortat till Göteborgsbaserade The Perfect World Foundation som kommer arbeta med att rensa upp vallgraven i Göteborg som leder ut i älven och havet.

SWISH minst 40:-
Ange: YOGA som meddelande
Swish nummer : 90 03 880

Vill du boka in ett helt gäng med personer eller ditt företag kontakta: för en faktura.

Maria skräpplockning i vallgraven.

My whole world is moving. The boat is shivering as waves crash against the steel of the hull. Sometimes my fingers are pulled away from the laptop by a big wave or gust of wind movement. I look out through the window to see the waves. As I’m sitting in the livingroom couch I feel the whole boat coming to life underneath me. My hearing has become better. I hear every new sound and know what it comes from. I feel everything that happens in the hull in my own body. It is as if me and the boat has become a single being.

My house/boat is on a floating dock which is exposed to winds and waves from south. Today there is 13-19 m/s winds, and big waves from that very direction. The first few hours I was a little worried. I watched what happened and tried to do as much pre-damage control as possible. I hung another car tire as protection towards the dock. I put childproof/waveproof locks on the drawers as I had put that task aside way too long. Now the drawers stay closed as the boat is moving side to side and it’s much more quiet. The main sounds are waves against the outside of the hull, the wind through the sailboats on the other side, and the rain on the windows. The rain is falling and flying horizontally towards me. I probably should have moved the boat into the protected harbour but it was full. Now the boat can’t be driven anywhere in these winds.

Everything is moving and changing by the minute.There is no use trying to hold on to anything. So instead I relax and let the ocean gently rock me back and forth. Surrendering to the movement. I know that if I leave the boat, the ground underneath me will keep moving for a few hours. As if I still have the ocean beneath me. It’s a memory inside the body. I like it. This is partly scary as I’m worrying about the boat, but at the same time I’m enjoying the power of nature. It’s inspiring. It made me write this blogpost. I’m not complaining. This is nothing compared to what’s happening in Florida.

Keeping warm and dry while exploring makes it much more fun.
Algae washed/blown up 10m from the ocean

There will be more rain.

Hönö är en av de vackraste platserna i Sverige att fridyka på. Mjuka rosa klippor bryter av det vilda havet och dess värld under ytan. Årets första fridykningskurs visade Hönö från sin bästa sida. Väderprognosen ändrade sig i sista stund och lovade blå himmel och solsken. Till denna kursen samarbetade vi med det nybyggda vandrarhemmet Havskatten som ligger bara ett par meter från havet. Havskatt är annars en fisk med väldigt speciellt utseende.

Eleverna samlades i Havskattens konferenslokal för teori och sedan andhållningsövningar. En nybörjare lyckades hålla andan i över 5 minuter efter lite övningar och trick. Morgonen efter började på bryggan med yogaövningar och stretching för att förbereda kroppen för dagens dyk. Efter en hälsosam frukost gjorde eleverna skrivet prov innan vi hoppade i våtdräkter och åkte ut med kapten Svenne på Havskattens båt.

Fridykning kan enkelt delas in i två kategorier; djupdykning och nöjesdykning. De kan såklart kombineras, men det är stor skillnad på att dyka djupt längs en lina med boj och vikter, till skillnad från att dyka fritt längs klippor eller korallrev och kolla på fiskar. Vi gjorde både och. Att dyka vid lina gör att man tryggt kan öva upp sin tryckutjämning och förmågan att stanna längre under ytan. Allt det man lär sig kan man ta med sig när man sedan fridyker med sälar! Sälarna är mycket duktigare fridykare än oss, och för att ha en chans måste vi närma oss långsamt. Det är nästan som en militär operation när vi simmar tyst runt en kobbe. Några knubbiga och fega sälar har redan lämnat sin sol-klippa medans två vackra exemplar ligger kvar och låter oss få ögonkontakt i några långa minuter innan de glider ner i havet och försvinner. Vi hade oerhört dålig sikt, men på grunt djup fick vi ändå en fin upplevelse! Tack alla elever och Havskatten Svenne för en fin helg!

There is something about living in small spaces. Maybe that’s where adventures happen; tents, tree houses, house boats and camper vans. The less space to live in, the less to take care of, and the more time spent outdoors on adventures. Me and my boyfriend found a opportunity to get away, and we did. Spending as little time as possible travelling to a surfable and somewhat warm ocean we chose Portugal. They recently had a money-back campaign if you didn’t get any waves.

We got waves – and wind. A north atlantic storm slowly made it’s way over Europe and our surf. We tried hiding in corners of the country and did quite well. We went south and west.I’ve half owned a surfer van before and slept in other RV’s and am very much at home with small spaces. When the purple/pink van showed up on airbnb it was a given choice! Driving the van was a bit of a workout and we wanted to spend most time outdoors, so we kept the driving to a minimum.

It’s extremely effective, fun and amazing to be able to sleep well in your vehicle. Transport and accomodation in one! All you have to do is to pack simply and keep order in the van. It wasn’t the most easy-to-keep-in-order van as there wasn’t many compartments for stuff.  The owner agreed he could do better but hadn’t had time. We had a gas stove for cooking, a freezer box for ice and fresh groceries, a mobile phone charger, a table and chairs and a camping shower. We brought surfboards, freediving gear and a minimum amount of clothes. As for caring about the carbon footprint, it’s better to use one of the newer RV’s or vans or one with low fuel consumption, and you can use diesel or alkylate gas to improve it.

Here is a few unsorted photos from the trip:
The photos are taken with the Olympus OMD-EM5 and Olympus Tough TG5

Med nya ögon

Det kändes faktiskt så, som om jag hade nya ögon. De var känsligare än innan. Vind och luft upplevdes på ett nytt sätt när det inte satt en kontaktlins i vägen. Jag tror att min pojkvän blivit trött på all information om hur annorlunda världen ser ut. Inte för att något förändrats i min inställning eller världen utanför, utan allt som förändrats var min hornhinna! :)

Det är idag exakt 3 veckor sedan jag gjorde ögonlasern. Jag har nyss varit på tre-veckors kontrollen på Memira och allt såg bra ut. Världen ser också bra ut. Den är skarpare och alla ljus är liksom mjukare än innan. Jag är fortfarande förundrad över att man kan göra så här! Förundran är bra.

Jag lyckades alltså att inte vara i bassäng, fridyka eller hoppa i havet på tre veckor. Nu är det bara en vecka till med lite försiktigare aktiviteter. Nu är jag ändå mitt i massa föreläsnings-jobb, så det går bra. Tajmingen kunde inte vara bättre. Jag ser verkligen fram emot att leva livet på sommaren utan att behöva släpa runt på kontaktlinser, att kunna öppna ögonen under vattnet, att vakna på morgonen och se klart direkt, eller vakna mitt i natten och kolla till tampar och rep utan att leta glasögon. Jag fick just reda på att Memira ger bort kundernas gamla glasögon till en organisation som heter ‘vision for all’, som langar glasögonen vidare till länder där invånarna inte har råd med egna glasögon, så nu lämnar jag bort de gamla plastbågarna till bättre behövande!


I listened to a inspiring TED-talk from a psychologist. He talked about not being a ‘real doctor’, because he didn’t work with the illnesses of the body. Psychology is a relatively new science, but still there is not as common to talk about illnesses of the mind, or ‘mental hygiene’. We care a lot about having a healthy body, but less about having a healthy mind. We talk about the causes of stress, when stress is usually a cause in the mind. How we handle important things like stress and defeat, loneliness and pain happens in the mind rather than in the body.

As we try to feed our bodies better food, we could try to feed our minds with better food aswell. Maybe you have noticed how some foods and some events affect your mind. Maybe you have noticed what happens in your mind when you feed it facebook, endless bad news and gossip. How does your mind feel when you bring it into the forest, ocean or mountains?

I guess it starts with awareness. Being more aware of how your mind works, and how it affects your daily life. How can you affect your mind? What you do want to feed it? That is food for thought. :)

This blogpost is a honest cooperation with Trekz titanium wireless headphones

I’m finally back to trail running! It’s been a week since my eye surgery and now I’m allowed to train as usual again. I love running with music and I love running with the sounds of nature. Generally I mix running with (on roads) and without music (in nature), until I got offered to try a new pair of headphones. As they sit just in front of the ear the advertisement said that the music would go through the cheek-bone, which sounds like science fiction, but somehow it works – and you hear your surroundings at the same time! It is like having a soundtrack to reality!

I also like to use my bike rides to listen to podcasts, but it’s of course not very safe to not hear the traffic, so these headphones will join me on bikerides as well. The headphones are wireless and mostly made out of titanium which makes them lightweight and comfortable. The sound is not close to as good as in normal headphones as it’s kind of flat, but I can recommend them to anyone who wants to listen to music in a outdoor activity and be safe at the same time.

Intresset för fridykning ökar i Sverige! Det är jättekul, och jag vill gärna dela med mig av det jag lärt mig de senaste åren. Jag kommer hålla 3 nybörjarkurser i sommar längs vår vackra västkust. Hönö och Marstrand är klara, men även Lysekil är på gång. Vi tar max 8 elever/kurs. Du kan lära dig enkla tekniker för att snorkla tryggare, fridyka djupare och stanna längre under ytan.

Fridykning är ett sätt att känna sig som hemma i havet. I den här intro-kursen kommer du lära dig teori, säkerhet, mental träning, andning och lär känna din kropp och dina tankar på ett nytt sätt. Det är ju dessutom ett vackert och enkelt sätt att utforska den fina världen under ytan. Du kommer också lära dig mer om havsmiljön och hur vi kan ta bättre hand om havet.

Kurserna i Sverige startar fredag kväll med teori och workshop i andning. På lördagen gör vi några morgonövningar innan vi åker ut med båt och gör två dyksessioner i natursköna omgivningar. Förhoppningsvis möter vi sälar under det andra dyket!

– 11-13 Augusti. Marstrand
1 fredagkväll teori/workshop och en heldags dykning lördag och kanske ytterligare kursdag sönd.
Pris: 2800.- Bokning via denna länk. Endast workshop 300:-

– 30 Juni- 1 Juli. Hönö
börjar fredag klockan 18:00 och slutar lördag ca 16:00.Vi utgår ifrån Havskatten på Hönö där det finns fantastiskt boende nära havet om man vill/behöver sova över. Boka boende (fr 400/pers) via dem snabbt för de är mycket populära. Där ingår även frukost lördag morgon innan båtutfärd.
Boka kursen genom att maila anneliepompe (a) så mailar jag mer info.
Pris: 3100.- inkluderar båtutflykt och workshop.

– 8-9 Juli. Lysekil. Kontakta Diveteam i Lysekil, de tar emot intresse och bokningar!

– 27 November – 3 December. Bali. Tillsammans med min bästa vän Hanli Prinsloo och I am Water Ocean travel har vi ett unikt fridykningsretreat på en magisk ö utanför Bali. Mer info och bokning via denna länk.

Nybörjare är mycket välkomna!! Ingen tidigare erfarenhet behövs. Åldersgräns mellan 16-90.
Ev. ‘dyker det upp’ fler kursmöjligheter så håll ögonen öppna :-)

Ingår inte i priset (Sverige):
– Fridykningsutrustning. Vi kan hjälpa dig att reda ut utrustning med ett närliggande dykcenter, inga problem! Du behöver våtdräkt, viktbälte, blyvikter, cyklop, snorkel och fenor. Boende får du ordna på egen hand men vi kan hjälpa till med tips.

Fridykning i Sverige:








Det var dags för vårstädning igen. Jag tycker inte om att prylar inte används. För några år sedan lämnade, sålde och skänkte jag och dåvarande sambon 70% av allt vi ägde. Det var en lättnad. Det är en lättnad varje gång jag lämnar bort grejer och nu är det dags igen. Det är bättre för planeten att saker som redan finns används istället för att mer ska tillverkas. Detta är prylar jag inte använder eller behöver längre. De finns för enkelhetens skull till salu en vecka framöver via tradera (länkar nedan varje pryl). Pengarna ska jag använda till att köpa en el-flakmoped :-)

Satellit telefon Iridium Extreme som har varit på toppen av mt. Everest

I mycket gott skick. inkl. alla laddare och tillbehör. Iridium Extreme 9575 är den tuffaste satellittelefonen hittills. Den har en fullt integrerad GPS och onlinespårningstjänst, inställningar för nödsändning, inklusive den första någonsin inbyggda programmerbara SOS-knappen med individuellt anpassade meddelanden. Telefonen är ruggad och erbjuder fortfarande röstsamtal av hög kvalitet, SMS, låg data kapacitet, och mycket mer. Tillsammans med Iridium AxcessPoint förvandlar du din satellittelefon till en personlig trådlös hotspot. Samtliga Iridium satellittelefon/er kan användas överallt på jorden. Nypris ca 12000. Tradera-länk

Monofena glide guld stl 37

I fint skick! Bra träningsfena i både hav och pool. Snyggt guldfolie på framsidan. Sitter som bäst på en stl. 37 fot och får plats med en tunn neoprensocka. Tradera-länk.

Liten monofena för träning

Finis träningsfena stl XS. Passar stl 35-38. Tradera länk.

Patagonia R2 surfdräkt.

I bra skick. Svart eco-neoprene på utsidan och mjuk (grå) merinoull på insidan vilket gör att den är varmare än andra surfdräkter i liknande tjocklek. Fantastiskt varm. Bra i vattentemp från 15-20 grader. Ej huva. Stl 6 UK ca 36-38 EUR. Gissningsvis sitter den bäst på någon som är mellan 160-170 cm lång och väger mellan 50-65kg. Använd totalt 6-8 ggr. Tradera-länk.

Oceaner fridykningsdräkt 3mm guldfärg stl S

Tävlings och träningsdräkt för fridykning i mjukt fantastiskt yamamoto neopren. 3mm tjockt. ‘Open cell’ på insidan vilket kräver vatten, schampo eller olja för att ta på sig. Smoothskin med vacker guldfärg på utsidan. Dräkten är extremt mjuk men också ömtålig. Passar bäst för tävling och träningsdyk, ej vid klippor där man kanske kommer mot med knän mm. Använd under en tävling (ca 8 dyk) och ett svenskt rekord i FIM 72m djup.
Storlek S passar bäst för någon 160-168cm lång, ca 52-60kg. Tradera länk

Poseidon besea harness standard grey

Använd endast 1 gång för test. Tradera-länk.

Dyktub 300 bar 3L

Ej använd. Provtryckt OK. Tradera-länk.

Gopro hero 4

Använd några veckor endast. Tradera-länk.

Canon 400D digitalkamera med ultrasonic 17-85 IMS lins

Min första systemkamera. Inkl batterier, batteriladdare. Har tagit många fina bilder med denna! Tradera-länk

Jag har bitvis levt i en suddig värld. Morgonar innan kontaktlinserna satts i är jag inte riktigt vaken, och om jag ändå gett mig ut ser jag inte ansikten och skyltar utan allt är suddigt i kanterna. Långa flygresor har jag istället använt glasögon som förlagts och gått sönder titt som tätt. Så äntligen var det dags att förändra allt det där.

Inom hälsopsykologi pratar man om att det man fokuserar på växer. När jag äntligen bestämt mig för att göra en ögonlaser märkte jag ännu mer hur irriterande det är med kontaktlinser. Jag gillar verkligen enkelhet i livet. Att ha kontaktliser och glasögon är långt ifrån enkelt. Om man lägger ihop alla minuter jag pillat med linser de senaste 20 åren så har jag dessutom förlorat massa tid jag kunde gjort annat på. Det är väldigt bökigt att alltid ha med på resor och äventyr i havet och på berg. Varje gång jag satt in nya dagslinser den senaste månaden har jag tänkt på hur skönt det ska bli att slippa linserna.

Många har ställt frågan ‘men är det inte läskigt’ och ‘det finns ju massa risker’. På instagram skrev några att de önskar de vågade. Riskerna är små och vinsten övervinner läskigheten på långa vägar. Det handlar helt enkelt om inställningen till förändring. Jag gillar förändring. Framför allt förändringar som kan göra livet så mycket bättre!

Några små hinder stod ivägen för operationen. Först skulle jag göra ett test för att se om mina ögon ens var lämpliga att operera. Jag valde Memira därför att deras metod FS-LASIK verkade smidigast och kortast läktid. Men någon annan metod skulle jag inte kunna vara på havet utan solglasögon på flera månder vilket är otänkbart. Memira berättade att de säger nej till 1 av 5 som vill göra operationen. Min ögon passerade alla kontroller. Nästa utmaning handlade om läkprocessen. Jag fick stora ögon när jag läste ‘ingen träning den första veckan’ och ‘inga vattensporter’ på fyra veckor. Men vandring, yoga och lätt styrketräning utanför gym-miljö var tillåtet. Och tydligen var det ok att snorkla och paddla kajak som vattensport och det kan jag stå ut med! :-)

I skrivande stund halvsitter jag i ett mörkt rum efter operationen. Ögonen känns lite grusiga, men när jag lyfter blicken är världen redan skarp!

‘If you are peaceful on the inside, you can handle stress on the outside..’

Våra populära tystnadsretreat är tillbaka med fler datum!  Nedan hittar du datum, information och bokning. Du bokar via SPA-hotellen nedan:

16-18 juni Göteborg, Sankt Jörgen park resort (Sista anmälningsdag för garanterad plats 2/6)
15-17 september Loka Brunn, nära Örebro.

Hälsopsykologi från Harvard möter mental styrka från Mount Everest!

Träffa Annelie Pompe – kvinnan som bestigit världens 7 högsta toppar och har en världsmästartitel i fridykning. Hon är en av sveriges främsta äventyrare med vana att guida såväl den inre som den yttre resan i extrema miljöer. Möt också Cecilia Duberg, psykolog och mental tränare som coachar ledare och elitidrottare mot att uppnå drömmar och stor framgång med personlig utveckling och mental hälsa i fokus. Tillsammans tar Annelie och Cecilia med dig på en av de största utmaningarna som finns: den inre resan i att vara tyst i flera dagar och möta sig själv!

En unik helg av:

  • Mental vila och tystnad för inre ro
  • Yoga – för alla
  • Spännande föreläsningar och workshops
  • Naturupplevelser som öppnar dina sinnen
  • Tid för eftertanke och reflektion
  • Bra mat för både kropp och själ
  • Insikter om hjärnan och kroppens återhämtningssystem
  • Överaskningar

Du behöver inte ha några förkunskaper i varken yoga eller mental träning för att delta. Det krävs inga förberedelser eller fysisk styrka och du behöver inte oroa dig för att det vi ska göra är flummigt eller konstigt.  Allt du behöver göra, är att gå med på att stänga av mobilen i några dagar, vara helt tyst, slappna av och nyfiket lita på dina ledare.

Retreatet startar på fredagen efter incheckning, middag och informationsmöte. Tystnaden inleds av en ritual under kvällen och avslutas med en ceremoni på söndagen där vi öppnar munnen och delar med oss av våra viktigaste lärdomar innan vi åker hem.

  • När retreatet närmar sig kommer vi skicka ut ytterligare information inför din vistelse. 
  • Du kommer inte få något tidsschema för dagarna, då en del av upplevelsen är att vara närvarande i nuet, lita på processen och inte planera. För de som är oroliga redan nu kommer det finnas ett ‘nödnummer’ som familj kan använda för att komma i kontakt med retreatet.

Paketpriserna innehåller ett fullt program med Annelie och Cecilia från fredag kl 18.00 till söndag kl 16.00, helpension i enkelrum, all mat och alla aktiviteter.

Varmt välkommen på ett annorlunda, spännande retreat!


There is something about the warm air against the skin. One of the yoga-students got laughed at when she said ‘I can feel my body!’ A guy replied ‘Did you have to go to Nicaragua to feel your body?’ It might be the warm air against the skin. Or everything else that is so good about this place, the people and new friends, the yoga and the surf. I might have gotten myself another favourite country.

I didn’t know what I was travelling into. Sometimes that is the adventure and challenge. Trying to keep it that way is not easy. Out minds like to start expectations and thoughts about what lies ahead. We logically know that we cannot predict the future, so why try to figure out what is going to happen? To be prepared? Some of the best moments I have had is when I threw expectations out the window. This trip is a example.

Without expectations you can accept reality as it is, without wishing it was different. It will be a life with less dissapointment and frustration.

How about travelling without expectations?
Writing without expectations?
Doing yoga and surfing without expectations?
It could be a interesting experiment to focus an entire week, living without expectations

One of the reasons I like to travel alone is also that no one knows me. Then there are no expectations for me to live up to. I work better without it. Another more adventurous way is to develop flexibility to handle what comes up.

Before when I travelled I would google a few things which kept the planning mind happy. My mind needed a rest. It’s a well needed break from (too) many speaking engagements and a pause in which to explore,  start a new book and reload before next batch of work. Also to get the body and mind in order again after the sadness of losing my grandmother. Sometimes it’s better and easier to change location to do that. If I was home I would probably have put work before the well being of my body and mind. I had so much to do before I left I barely had time to think about the trip until I started packing the night before the morning flight.

I’d only heard good things about Nicaragua. Now I’m here. And I’m loving it. I’ll tell you more and show photos in a few days.

This blog post is the result of a question I got after a presentation at IKEA.

I’m in the end of a half-crazy motivational speaking race. For several weeks I have planted daily seeds of adventure, inspiration and new ideas in minds all over Sweden. Sometimes our sessions end with question and answer sessions. I happily listen to new and interesting questions. Yesterday a man said he’d really like to challenge himself, but how should he go about it?

In one way I like to give advice, but there’s much more power in finding the answers by yourself. You will find ways to challenge yourself by answering questions.
How do you know if and when to challenge yourself?
Is there a certain area where you’d like to challenge yourself?

There is maybe a part of you which don’t want any challenges. Maybe you have finally found a safe, secure and easy place to be. It might be that humans are lazy by nature. Maybe you’d rather stay underneath a blanket in the couch and relax. If that’s truly what you want and if you promise to never complain that you’re bored or missing out on life – then that’s probably what you should do.

Getting back to the man’s question: How should he challenge himself? Maybe you need to first answer the question ‘what is a challenge to me?’  A challenge is different to every one of us. If something seems to easy its probably not a challenge. I’m quite convinced a challenge has to be about doing something new that you have never done before. Something that gets the butterflies in the stomach going.

If you have tried a few challenges you might also have found how much joy there is in trying new things and the personal growth that comes out of it. There’s a joy to trying something new and exploring the limits of your body and mind. The more you challenge yourself and succeed, the more you’ll grow your confidence.

I can’t give the man advice on how to challenge himself. But here are a few ideas that might create new ideas:

– Don’t buy anything for a entire day or a week
– Try a new sport
– Don’t tell any lies for a full day
– Do something you are a little bit afraid of
– Don’t complain for a full day
– Eat vegan food for a day or a week
– Make a career push. There are always new things to learn and develop
– Be silent for a weekend (join our silent retreats!)

Top-photo from 5-6 years ago in south africa. Photographer: Emil Sergel

It’s part of the Swedish heritage to do your duty and ‘work hard’.  Maybe it’s also part of our western culture. We should be busy and stressed. And happy. And good looking. And trying saving the world. With everything that should be done, we need to keep busy. It seems somewhat trendy to answer the ‘how are you-question’ with a sigh and ‘Oh, I’m so busy’.

Busyness today might look like a symbol of achievement and status. But does it really matter how our lives look like to the outside world? It comes back to the question ‘What is really important’? If we are too busy we might not have time to answer that question. In worst case you spend decades being busy for something that someone else convinced you that you should want or be, without realising it won’t make you happy.

A man who gave a talk about mindfulness said that the Chinese symbol for ‘busy’ consists of two symbols meaning ‘kill’ and ‘heart’. If you try to live as fast as possible, don’t you miss out on things? Maybe it’s better to live as slow as possible? 

Just being busy is not a bad thing. What matters is how it affects you and others around you. There might be a sense of purpose to being busy, but there might also be a sense of stress and never having enough time. I know the feeling. Having my own business means there is always something that should be done.
There has been times when I have felt bad and ashamed when I’m not working hard. As if a police officer would suddenly tap me on the shoulder and ask ‘hey, what do you think you’re doing?’ It’s taken a long time to be free of the mental Swedish police officer. It’s easy to fall into the trap of working too much when all my work is so much fun. What is ‘too much’ depends on if I have spent enough time in nature, eaten well, slept well and done my physical training. When I work too much I don’t work very well. I get blasting migraines, forget things, don’t have as much energy to put into my speaking jobs, and my family and friends suffer. The loss of time and life during the migraines is my threat and reminder to keep calm.

Most of us know we’re better people when we are less busy and more present. When we do what we truly want to do and take care of ourselves we become better human beings, more kind partners, patient parents or understanding co-workers. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter which degree you have, how much money you make or the clothes you wear. It’s about if you’re really where you want to be, doing what you think you should be doing. It’s about not wasting your life.

Here is a few ideas to handle the ‘shoulds’ that has worked for me:
– find out what you think is important and do more of that
– stop listening to what others think you should do. They don’t hold your answers.
– do boring things quickly and fun things slower
– let go of what holds you back
– Stop multitasking
– Question where your time goes, and if possible, make time consuming tasks more efficient.
– stop doing things you hate doing
– make time for un-planned periods
– find small pockets of calm in tough working periods

Photos from freediving in between jobs in Cape town, South africa

2 1/2 day without speaking . Amongst other exercises all of 60 persons were sitting together through a 3-course dinner in silence. The only sound heard was the cutlery against the porcelain and it’s never been that loud before. The food has so much more taste when you notice that you are eating and focus on the flavour. When you become quiet, you will hear much more. Not only sounds on the outside, but you will hear your own thoughts. You will meet yourself. 60 persons each had their own adventure inside their heads.

Silence is good. I have been to seven 10-day silent retreats to explore silence and what happens. I have now been the guide of 3 silent weekend retreats, and that is a different story. This weekend we were at LOKA spa for our second retreat. Even though me and super-coach and psychologist Cecilia Duberg were talking, teaching and planning we were affected by the silence and exercises. We were amazed in the power of a weekend of silence and meditation. The collective peacefulness is contagious.

Just listening to your own thoughts and what you are saying to yourself in your mind can be an eye-opener. A silent retreat isn’t only about being silent. It’s about connecting with yourself. You might feel lost, frustrated, or restless. You might not have had/made time to connect with yourself if you are in a constant company with a smartphone and distractions around. Or you might have followed the road that everyone else takes or listened to what others think you should do instead of listening to the ‘voice inside’. During a retreat you will increase your ability to concentrate and focus, to be more present and alive. It might be about remembering things you forgot were important, about accepting something difficult, letting go of the past, making an important decision, facing your fears and finding courage. All of the above is nothing you can buy for money or search for in a book or on youtube, it’s something you have to experience.

Nothing on the outside changed during the weekend. Everything happened inside the mind and body. What is so amazing is that the outside world looks different because of our inside adventures.

Thanks all participants for sharing your weekend with us!