A soundtrack to reality – aftershokz trekz titanium headphone test

This blogpost is a honest cooperation with Trekz titanium wireless headphones

I’m finally back to trail running! It’s been a week since my eye surgery and now I’m allowed to train as usual again. I love running with music and I love running with the sounds of nature. Generally I mix running with (on roads) and without music (in nature), until I got offered to try a new pair of headphones. As they sit just in front of the ear the advertisement said that the music would go through the cheek-bone, which sounds like science fiction, but somehow it works – and you hear your surroundings at the same time! It is like having a soundtrack to reality!

I also like to use my bike rides to listen to podcasts, but it’s of course not very safe to not hear the traffic, so these headphones will join me on bikerides as well. The headphones are wireless and mostly made out of titanium which makes them lightweight and comfortable. The sound is not close to as good as in normal headphones as it’s kind of flat, but I can recommend them to anyone who wants to listen to music in a outdoor activity and be safe at the same time.

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