Happier travelling and living without expectations

There is something about the warm air against the skin. One of the yoga-students got laughed at when she said ‘I can feel my body!’ A guy replied ‘Did you have to go to Nicaragua to feel your body?’ It might be the warm air against the skin. Or everything else that is so good about this place, the people and new friends, the yoga and the surf. I might have gotten myself another favourite country.

I didn’t know what I was travelling into. Sometimes that is the adventure and challenge. Trying to keep it that way is not easy. Out minds like to start expectations and thoughts about what lies ahead. We logically know that we cannot predict the future, so why try to figure out what is going to happen? To be prepared? Some of the best moments I have had is when I threw expectations out the window. This trip is a example.

Without expectations you can accept reality as it is, without wishing it was different. It will be a life with less dissapointment and frustration.

How about travelling without expectations?
Writing without expectations?
Doing yoga and surfing without expectations?
It could be a interesting experiment to focus an entire week, living without expectations

One of the reasons I like to travel alone is also that no one knows me. Then there are no expectations for me to live up to. I work better without it. Another more adventurous way is to develop flexibility to handle what comes up.

Before when I travelled I would google a few things which kept the planning mind happy. My mind needed a rest. It’s a well needed break from (too) many speaking engagements and a pause in which to explore,  start a new book and reload before next batch of work. Also to get the body and mind in order again after the sadness of losing my grandmother. Sometimes it’s better and easier to change location to do that. If I was home I would probably have put work before the well being of my body and mind. I had so much to do before I left I barely had time to think about the trip until I started packing the night before the morning flight.

I’d only heard good things about Nicaragua. Now I’m here. And I’m loving it. I’ll tell you more and show photos in a few days.



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