Being an adventurer in high heels

I almost fell out of the taxi at the airport. Somehow the heel of the shoe wedged itself into the cobblestones. You probably wouldn’t even think those heels were high. But they were high enough to change my world for a day. In one day I did a couple of motivational talks including the dress code “business”. So I had dusted of a short dark blue dress from deep inside the closet. I got a pair of nice ‘high’ heels (it’s all relative – they are high for me, ok?), and then I covered my scarred knee in pantyhose.

Suddenly I found myself calculating distances so that I wouldn’t have to walk more than necessary. Walking was not that fun anymore. Maybe because the discomfort, and then the sound of the heels. The noise of walking sounded fast and aggressive. It sounded like I was in a stressed hurry, even if I wasn’t. It made me think new thoughts. And ask the question who decided high heels makes women sophisticated or sexy? Who wanted to handicap us to not be able to run in those shoes?

I also notice how I get very different responses and receptions depending on what I wear and if I have none or some make-up. Especially in Sweden where we seem quick to compare and place in compartments. Why is that?
A difficult compartment I get placed in is that of being an adrenaline junkie and someone crazy. Those preconceptions takes a lot of energy to get through. Also, because I am a woman, I must be even more crazy? Read my book – I’m not crazy.
(And it doesn’t have to to with clothing anymore. How do you expect an adventurer to be dressed? In a checkered shirt and jeans? Or a khaki safari outfit?)

The attorney-business in Amsterdam I was about to give a presentation for had sent their private taxi to get me at the airport. Somehow the driver quickly recognized me and saw that I was the adventurer in disguise. (Was it my waterproof Bergans jacket or lightweight Exped backpack that gave me away?)
As soon as I could I slipped out of the heels, stretched my feet and slipped into trainers. I don’t think I have ever appreciated trainers as much before. That fact made me like my high heels shoes better. Because they made me love my soft silent shoes even more, and they made me think new thoughts.

The freedom of walking is amazing.

I do like to dress up. It’s fun to get make-up by an artist before photoshoots. To be part of ‘another world’ with another dress code is also an adventure. Just remember, underneath the clothes and behind the make up and facebook posts are real people.

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