Helplessness and a paddleboard expedition video

I have told you before that life on expedition is very different from ”real” life. You live day by day, find shelter (pitch the tent), food and water to live. We tried to save batteries on electrical equpiment and didn’t really see any news reports until we got back. The whole refugee disaster hit me full on in Swedish media.

I talked today with my speaking coach, Pontus Ströbaek about words. When someone uses words like ”chaos” and ”disaster” about mundane things in life, which words do we use in times like this? I experience a feeling of hopelessness and helplessness. It’s so big. There are many people that need help. And there are other disasters in the world. And there are environmental problems.
Picking up some garbage, donating warm clothes and give some money you can spare might seem like nothing in the big picture. But the warm jacket you donated might mean the world to one person. So it’s not nothing. The plastic you pick up might save a few fish or a bird. It mattered to that fish or bird. I find a comfort in thinking that.

A friend of mine sent me a page (in Swedish) with great tips in how we can help:!OnOND0ySbfJY/
Today in a local Swedish newspaper I read that thousands of kilos of clothes and food have been donated, and there are more volunteers than ever. I feel very happy about the human will to help. The article also said they need money more than clothes now.

All the news, starting work and getting back to ”normal” has been a bit much at times. I admit I escaped back to memories for a bit. And for distraction I made a short collage of the first half of our paddleboard expedition:

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