2014 in photo album adventures

I have never been a fan of new year celebration. I think it’s slightly overestimated and usually too full of expectations like “next year I will start a new better life”, when you might as well start any day. Never the less it can be used for new beginnings, reflections and recollections just as well as any day.  Just for fun, mine will be through my flow of instagram-photos of the past year:

I ended and started last year as a orange-head in Sweden. Last new year’s eve I was surfing in 7 degree cold water and was so cold when I got out I couldn’t get out of the wetsuit by myself.

My adventures-ideas for 2014 was to make a world record in free diving and finish my remaining 2 mountains of the 7 summits project. I did neither. It’s a little bit disappointing, but it’s ok. I tried. I’m not in this only to break records. In fact, recrods are secondary. There are much more important things in life. I did lots of other things:
I went to Lampedusa in January and fell in love with the tiny and wild beautiful island outside of Italy. I trained with my friend/brotherlike captain Akim. We trained hard. I became a red-head and also did lots of yoga. My already injured knee couldn’t cope. I started to feel pain but didn’t listen to the pain.

I hoped the knee would be ok for a great south african adventure. 10 days roadtrip with 8 oceanic friends to record a series of a documentary with best friend Hanli Prinsloo in the lead. We also did some work for her foundation I AM WATER. From Durban to Mozambique we free dived with sharks, dolphins, manta rays and lots of other fish friends. One of my favourite days was freediving in the rain in Moz.


But the knee didn’t work very well any longer. After some try dives in Dahab I got help from a friend doctor to make a MRI. It showed that I didn’t have a front crucial ligament, that 60% of the meniscus was broken and a big baker-cyst was in the back of the knee… I needed surgery.
All my plans and dreams was pushed ahead. But me and my fantastic ex boyfriend made good use of the time. We sold our apartment and donated or sold 70% of everything we owned in order to live more simple lives, apart. It became my most popular blog-text this year; Hejdå pojkvän och lägenhet – hej enklare liv!


I went back to my old home Dahab and a wonderfully simple life. Freediving training, book writing and photography. Training went well, I got deeper and deeper.

Every 3-4 weeks I went back to Sweden to work as a motivational speaker and teach free diving or breathing workshops.

 My hair turned blue from all the time in the sea. I did a huge workshop for McKinsey Netherland’s retreat in Portugal and my knee got stronger and bendier again.

So I went back to Dahab to start the real training again. I spend most of the days in the blue hole, trained with great friends, saw a hammerhead shark and managed to touch the bottom at 92m. I was getting really strong.

Then I had to go back to Sweden again to do 13 motivational or inspirational talks in 11 days, and added some 4 interviews and 3 radio shows when I was at it…
Back to Dahab and time to break records. I made two new Swedish records in two days, and a few weeks later a personal best to 99m in constant weight.

Then too many things went wrong at the same time. I was 2m away from a world record. I made it down to the right world record depth of 102m but got a lung squeeze at the bottom, lost too much oxygen on the way up and had a bad black out about 10m below the surface. 

It took some time to recover and get back up again.

In Dahab again, for love, for the sea, friends, for photography, recovering my lungs and my knee, for writing and for going to the dentist and fixing a dead front tooth… If you want to go freediving in DAhab I can highly recommend you to go with Freedive Dahab. They are all awesome there!
To finish the year I celebrated a nice christmas with my family in Sweden, did the traditional christmas-work at naturkompaniet with friends and as I’m writing I’m already on new travels and adventures, and I think 2015 will be a good year.  

I wish you all a great start on the new one! Don’t wait. This is it.

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