Could I take the shot? Life, death & photos in the sea

I love that special second; the fragile moment where I break the surface of the sea. My body leaves the small boat and the air. I slide into the water to become almost weightless. Yesterday that second vanished quickly. I directly took a breath and put my head underneath the surface. I could hear my heart beating faster. I saw a new world I’ve never been before. Blue. Silent.  It was so exciting to dive down and explore. New fish, new types of rock, algae and sea grass.

It was a few months ago since I was freediving, but other than being in a new place it was still so familiar. I didn’t have to think about breathholding. My breath was just held. All was good.

But there was a new element in the water. There was a speargun in Akim’s hand. It’s metal arrow sharp and meant to spear right through any fish coming in it’s way. I have double feelings about spearfishing. I think it’s by far the best and most sustainable way of fishing. Especially when freedivers are doing it in harmony with the fish. Akim says he doesn’t shoot the easy-to-get fish. He shoots the ones playing the game, the ones old enough to have lived a life in the sea. I respect spearfishing. And I’m excited by the thought of it. I admit I think the gun is cool. And I’d love to be in hiding on the sea floor behind a rock with that speargun in my hand, as a sniper in a hollywood movie, just waiting for the right sign.

Would I ever be able to take the shot? Would I be able to see the fish rattling, fighting for it’s life in freedom. Could I take it’s life? Could I sit by a table a few hours later and eat it without crying for it’s lost life in the sea? I don’t know. So this time I just shot pictures with my camera :)


I also made a small movie from some filmclips from the day:


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