To explore, dive deep and get stronger than ever

I really don’t know where I’m going. I know the island has a name and one village bearing the same name as the island. I know it’s 12 km long and 3 km wide. Obviously surrounded by sea. I know there’s a gym, and that my training-partner, coach and friend Akim is there. And that’s all I need to know about the island of Lampedusa for now. It sounds like and adventure right up my alley!

This spring, if it turns out as planned, will be amazing. I will do something I’ve always dreamed of: total focus on training and the sea. How strong can I get as a freediver? How long can I hold my breath if I really train it? How many wonderful animals will I meet underwater? How deep will I be able to dive on one breath?

I will only be working for a few weeks and live cheaply until the end of May. Then we’ll see how deep I can dive with proper preparation. All this is to not make the same mistake as I’ve done several times before. I haven’t taken enough time to prepare for a deep world record dive and spent too much time at altitude and breaking down my body. This time I’ll do it properly. And I have a good base. I’m stronger than I have ever been thanks to help with my basic training from Q&A performance at Fysiken in my hometown Gothenburg.

Now I’m sipping Italian coffe and watching funny clothes walking by in Milano airport. I love travelling. As I’m waiting for two more flights to get to the island I realise that I’m also looking forward to exploring. Both inside and outside myself. I want to walk and run around the island, to learn to speak italian, to scramble around the rocks, to talk to the inhabitants, practise meditation and to take a whole lot of photos! I’ll promise to keep you updated here and on Instagram (if there’s internet).

Fotograf: fantastiska Roger Borgelid



4 kommentarer på “To explore, dive deep and get stronger than ever

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  2. Lycka till!! Håller tummarna för att det går vägen denna gången :)

  3. Låter helt fantastiskt!

  4. Oj, Lampedusa. Tror att läkare utan gränser fortfarande har en klinik där för att ge vård till båtflyktingar. Var försiktig.

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