Morocco new year

Morocco status report

First impression: Quiet. Typical desert-like. One more airplane on the airport. The men look like Egyptians but more fat and with bigger eyes. The surroundings are desert-like but greenish. Many small trees and scrub. Looks like a city in a computer game. Very square.

Language: French mixed with Arabic. Strange combination. Example: Common annoying Arabic man suddenly smiles friendly, takes of hat and says “bon soir”. Confusing.

Dress code: Peculiar. Pointy shoes. Long dresses with pointy hoods on top of the head. White dress reminds of ku klux clan. Black dress reminds of jack the ripper. Grey dress reminds of Gandalf the grey. Women are colourful with and without face cloths.

Food: Moroccan person doesn’t realise vegetarian means no fish, no shrimp. Vegetarian person leaves salad un-eaten at restaurant. Passes McDonalds without temptation of fat fries. Survives the day on nuts and protein powder.

Favourite food: Avocado juice, fresh dates, couscous.

Water: Noisy sea. Huge waves, many surfers. Tempting. Sea temperature: like Sweden in June. Tap water un-drinkable.

Logical deduction: Nature is geological mix of Canary islands and Egypt. Population are exact genetic mix of Arabs and Africans. Some parts civilized, others un-civilized, of which the un-civilized is the most interesting.

Most extreme experience so far: Marrakech. Full report to come.

Photo report: I’ve taken on a new technique of photographing. I’m sneaking. With my new Canon G9, compact camera I can take photos without being seen. The muslims are not happy photo models. So I melt into crows, look one way and take photos the other way. The camera is well hidden behind double layer of scarf’s or inside my vest. Only the lens is sticking out. It’s tricky business to keep the camera steady and hidden, but I’ve gotten a few good shots already. Photos on the side are from Agadir, Essaouira and Marrakech.

Notice: There are orange-trees growing on the streets!

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